Unique Uses for Wire Shelving

Wire shelves are great storage units. They are space-savers, highly durable, and you can put them in every part of your house. We all know that these racks are highly versatile. In fact, multi-functionality is one of the defining features of wire racks. However, what most people do not realize is that there are other, less conventional ways of using this type of storage. A little imagination gives you a slew of new ideas on how to use your wire shelving units.

Have you ever heard of using wire racks as a worktable? A great thing about wire shelving is that you can easily adjust its height. There are also many options available when it comes to the size. This allows you to pick out a rack that suits your needs. Because of this, transforming your humble wire rack into a sturdy worktable becomes a breeze. All you have to do is pick a unit that is wide enough for you to turn into a workspace. After that, you can easily remove top tiers of the rack until you reach your ideal table height. At the hardware store, get a piece of wood that fits snugly on top of your rack to create an even flat surface. You now have a perfectly sturdy worktable.

This one is for the cat lovers. Are you tired of your cats running around the house and wreaking havoc?  Give them a customized play jungle with wire storage shelves! Use two units of different heights and place them in front of each other. Soft, flat pillows on the racks ensure that your cat lands safely and comfortably every time. You can hang cat toys like catnip balls on the wires to add a bit of fun-factor to your kitty’s playtime! An extra soft pillow at the very top of the rack gives your pet a safe place to nap afterwards.

A great thing about wire shelving units is that they are very open. They are not enclosed, so they don’t have a constricting feel inside the home. This makes it perfect for storing plants. If you live in a well-lit home with windows that let sunlight in, you are in luck!  You can create your very own indoor garden! Simply position your wire racks in a well-lit, well-ventilated area and stack them up with plant pots.

Even if you do not have a well-lit home or a spacious backyard, you can still grow a lush garden. Stainless steel shelves are the best option for this. They are much more durable, and they are resistant to rust. This makes them more resilient to weather conditions outdoors. Grow beautiful flowers and herbs right outside your home, without having to worry about space! Simply stack those plant pots on the wire shelves and you are ready to go. With a little creativity, these sturdy storage options can do more than just de-cluttering your home.