How to Use Wire Shelves in Every Space

Wire rack shelves are a great way to utilize your living space and organize your home. They are a great storage option for people who do not have a lot of space in their homes, but still want to keep it clutter-free. These shelves are very durable and can hold a lot of weight. They are highly mobile and multi-functional, making them a good choice for storage. Since these racks are relatively cost-effective – as compared to wooden cabinets or racks with solid panels – you will not break the bank putting a unit in every part of your home.

Wire storage shelves are great for living rooms. Use one panel to store your home entertainment system. You can put your TV, speakers, media player and gaming console all in one unit. The best part? You will still have room to store a variety of knick-knacks you always seem to find in your living room! You can put shallow boxes or baskets on one tier of the shelf to store small items like remotes, chargers and other living room essentials. No more running around the house looking for a remote! Imagine having everything you need in one place. With these shelves, you can sit back and relax.

Kitchens have a great deal of clutter. Pots, pans, dinnerware, silverware, blenders, food processors, toasters – all this in a kitchen with limited storage space leaves little room for cooking. Clear your countertops of with wire shelving units. Small appliances can go at the very top of your rack. This allows you to put your pots and pans in lower racks, while protecting your electronics from water damage. If you are running out of space, hang some J-hooks from the wires. This allows you to hang additional pots, pans and cooking utensils there! If you want to go the extra mile to clear your kitchen closets of clutter, you can even store your small utensils in your rack. Use a utensil organizer to keep your silverware from slipping through the wire racks. No utensil organizer? No problem! Simply lay down a cutting board and you are good to go.

Stainless steel shelves are the best option for your bathroom. They are resistant to rust, which opens up many options for organizing your toiletries. These racks are available in all heights and widths. Narrow units are a good choice for storing shampoos, conditioners, and other bathroom essentials.

Who doesn’t need more closet space? Wire shelving leaves the stored items exposed as it doesn’t have a closure, so most people would think twice before using it as a place to store clean clothes. However, with a pair of curtains and a few storage boxes, you can create a well-organized closet. Tack the curtains on the perimeter of the wire rack. Make sure that the flap faces the front side of your storage for easy access. Use your storage boxes as pullout drawers. This allows you to organize clothes any way you want!